Why Wok Restaurants Are So Popular

Why Wok Restaurants are So Popular



Wok restaurants can be viewed at every part of the country. It provides a whole lot of variety if you’re considering seafood, various meats, vegetables including chao fan – which are the Chinese kind of fried rice.

Chinese people usually make use of a wok – which is a product they often use in the kitchen space for steaming, deep frying, stir frying, cook different types of soup, and popcorn. The wok has got a bowl like visual appeal and it also is offered in various shapes. Interestingly, the Chinese chefs intend to use the larger ones making more space for the food to cook when they toss it – to prevent burning. The wok doesn’t need a large amount of oil, this is why the food cooked in there will most likely be wholesome and fat free.

In a wokrestaurant, you will see how the chefs make your meal from start to finish. The taste is great and many people are wondering what is the trick of wokrestaurants and the key reason why they turned out to be trendy in very short time? The very first thing I do have found that when eating food in a wok restaurant is maybe there is a specific way of preparing the food in a wok.


These are some of my insights about this:

1. I noticed that they wait for a wok to be really very hot before they put in a small amount of oil.

2. They toss the food in the wok and just hold out for a couple of minutes. They do not overcook the food because of this you will see the meat is really tender plus the vegetables remain stiff – however they are not undercooked. Might be that is the secret – as a way to cook Chinese food the correct way, will be to keep the pans really hot and just cook your food in the smallest time as you can.

3. They use peanut oil rather than the regular oil. This gives a much more flavor to the food plus the peanut oil doesn’t burn so much even in the top temperature as compared with olive, canola and other usual categories of oil we use at home.

4. And last but not the least, maybe one among their secrets may be to make the food well before it’s served. Everyone want to get a hot and delicious dish and not having a preheated one. Yes you could get this serving even in five star restaurant but you’re likely to pay a lot there.

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