Hot air balloon fire kills two, injures eleven in Canada

Monday, August 27, 2007

A hot air balloon caught fire and crashed in western Canada. Two people were killed and 11 were injured.

The disaster occurred as the airship was preparing to take off from Surrey, British Columbia, a suburb of Vancouver. An unknown source caused a fire in the basket of the tethered balloon, which then broke free and rose into the air.

Of the 12 passengers and one pilot on board at the time, 11 escaped the balloon with severe burns and other non-life-threatening injuries by jumping out in mid-air. The balloon then collapsed, crashing into a motorhome park with two people still trapped on board, who were killed in the subsequent fire. Four static caravans and two cars were also destroyed in the blaze.

The two deceased are believed to be a mother and daughter. Their family was on scene during the disaster and watched as the balloon burnt up and crashed.

Witness Don Randall, who photographed the accident, said the thing went up about 400 feet (122m) in the air at which point it melted enough of the balloon it collapsed.”The basket was basically a fireball. It just dropped like a stone. I’m just thinking, ‘Oh geez, I hope there’s nobody in that thing. It’s basically a burning death up there.”‘

Bill Yearwood, an investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, told reporters what preliminary information was available: “The crew loaded 12 passengers and was preparing to launch when a fire erupted. The pilot asked the passengers to get out of the basket. The balloon was tethered at the time, but then broke and came loose. The balloon climbed into the air before collapsing in a residential area in the park. They were all trying to get out. I can’t tell you what exactly happened when the balloon was loosened from the tether.”

Injured survivor Diana Rutledge questioned the pilot, Steve Pennock,’s actions after the fire broke out, pointing out that he was first off the balloon. “He was in perfect shape,” she said. “I thought, what is this all about? Wouldn’t he have stayed on to try to stop the fires?”

Joyce Genest, a resident at the park, also questioned procedure that day. “I stopped to watch the balloon get inflated,” she said. “Normally it takes 25 minutes and it’s quite gorgeous to watch. They are never in a big hurry. This time they took about ten minutes.” She said the passengers then got straight into the balloon, an unusual occurrence. “Normally the pilot gets in and tests the gun twice and then everybody gets in.” As soon as everybody was in, he hit the gun and the flame went sideways.”

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Al Sharpton speaks out on race, rights and what bothers him about his critics

Monday, December 3, 2007

At Thanksgiving dinner David Shankbone told his white middle class family that he was to interview Reverend Al Sharpton that Saturday. The announcement caused an impassioned discussion about the civil rights leader’s work, the problems facing the black community and whether Sharpton helps or hurts his cause. Opinion was divided. “He’s an opportunist.” “He only stirs things up.” “Why do I always see his face when there’s a problem?”

Shankbone went to the National Action Network’s headquarters in Harlem with this Thanksgiving discussion to inform the conversation. Below is his interview with Al Sharpton on everything from Tawana Brawley, his purported feud with Barack Obama, criticism by influential African Americans such as Clarence Page, his experience running for President, to how he never expected he would see fifty (he is now 53). “People would say to me, ‘Now that I hear you, even if I disagree with you I don’t think you’re as bad as I thought,'” said Sharpton. “I would say, ‘Let me ask you a question: what was “bad as you thought”?’ And they couldn’t say. They don’t know why they think you’re bad, they just know you’re supposed to be bad because the right wing tells them you’re bad.”

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How To Start An Online Business At Home And Make Money

The Top 6 Tips to Start an Online Business at Home

6 Tips to Start an Online Business at Home and Make Money

  • Do your research
  • Find a sponsor
  • Make a Lading page
  • Promote your business through advertising
  • Create Rapport through emails
  • Make Presentation of your business

1. Do Your Research

You can do your research to find the best online networking business that you can join. Some of the characteristics of a good MLM business for you will be a simple compensation plan. A good company should have a simple payment plan that is easy to earn money with. Some companies have a very hard compensation plan which makes you a slave with little pay. Find a company that rewards you for every effort. Make sure that the company you are joining also doesn’t require you to have a minimum number of sales before you can be paid. If you don’t like selling physical health supplements then go for digital products company and vice versa.

2. Find a Sponsor

You need to find a sponsor to referrer you to join the business. Most of the networking business require you to have an introducer so that you can do the business. In that way you will be joining a family tree of other members. Your sponsor should also be a good leader who is able to show you how to work the business. Your leader should know the business well so that they can show you all about the business. You too will be a leader and sponsor to many, so take it upon yourself to learn the business.

3. Make a Landing Page

You will need to make a landing page or website where you can land your prospects to be able to explain the business to them. It is not a wise move to just hit your prospects with your sponsor or referral link. Nobody wants to buy any opportunity just off the cuff. People need to understand your business before they can sign up. That is the reason you need a landing page to be able to engage the, further and more importantly to collect their emails for further communication about your opportunity.

4. Promote Your Business

Its now time to promote your business to get prospects through advertising. Any business requires you to advertise if you are going to get any people signing up under your network business. You need to explore the best ways to advertise online. Look for both free and paid advertising methods like article writing, free classified ads, Facebook groups, among others. You can also do paid advertisements like Google ads, solo ads, instagram ads, twitter ads, among many others.

5. Create Rapport with Your Prospects through Emails

It’s time to send emails to your clients who have shared their email addresses. Make sure to send them frequent emails explaining how to do online work at home businesses. People will see you as an expert in network marketing online and are likely to join your business in the near future. Be prepared to make at least 6 to 9 contacts with them before they can buy anything from you. So, patience is key in network marketing and sales in general. So keep your prospects engaged with frequent advisory emails.

6. Make Presentations of Your Business

After you have sent enough emails to your prospects, there will be some who will want you to give them a full business presentation. Some will even share their mobile number for you to send them the presentation. You can make a presentation on whatsapp and also call them if it’s affordable. Another way is to send you prospects to the daily zoom meetings so that they can hear about the business. Once your prospect have had a business presentation, they will start joining your business opportunity one by one and your network will start growing. Most of the available network marketing companies require you to build your network in order to start earning huge incomes, so keep at it and very soon you will start making serious money online.

I’m an independent entrepreneur with a sales and marketing background. I have a beautiful family and have been searching high and low for something I could do to replace my full time income and spend more time at home with them. Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to find a few systems in the home-based business arena that can generate approximately 5 figures monthly. These are systems that I’ve been able to automate & they only require a few hours’ work each week. I’d love for you to contact me! Whatsapp: +254722661827. All emails and calls come directly to me.

Read about one of the newest and most rewarding work at home business opportunity here:Benefits of Joining Crowd1

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Local municipalities in Italy ask taxes from religious schools

Sunday, August 2, 2015

In the past few days in Italy, several municipalities have started asking religious schools to pay taxes for property and local services, despite the resistance of the Catholic Church.

The request of the municipalities results from the sentence of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation on July 8, recognising as legitimate the request of the Municipality of Livorno asking religious schools to pay property taxes.

Requests have come from the Municipality of Bogliasco, next to Genova, and from the deputies of Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S) of the regional counsel of Lombardy. The first case is of the mayor Luca Pastorino that in last years received several refusals of his requests for payment because of the religious nursery school and retirement home. In the second case, the M5S party asks to the regional government to assure the local administrations of the region regularly apply the sentence of the Supreme Court.

The case on which the Court has ruled was of the religious schools Santo Spirito and Immacolata in Livorno, Tuscany, to pay over 422,000 euros in arrears for the period from 2004 to 2009. The request was advanced by the Municipality of Livorno in 2010.

The city reasoned, “because the users of the private schools pay a frequency fee, this kind of activity is considered as a commercial one” ((it))Italian language: ?poiché gli utenti della scuola paritaria pagano un corrispettivo per la frequenza, tale attività è di carattere commerciale.

In 2014 the Italian municipal tax discipline has changed from the ICI system to the IMU system by the Monti government. A mean cost per student criterion is used to tax only the schools that receive a fee higher than the mean cost per student fixed by the State. The new law is not retroactive, so the taxes requested in arrears from 2006 to 2009 are under the ICI system.

Minister of Education Stefania Giannini said a “more general reflection” ((it))Italian language: ?riflessione più generale is needed. Claudio De Vincenti, undersecretary to the prime minister, said “a discussion table will be opened with the non-profit associations, religious association included” ((it))Italian language: ?apriremo quindi un tavolo di confronto con le organizzazioni non profit, comprese quelle religiose.

Undersecretary for Education Mr. Toccafondi says “many schools will increase their fees or they will quit. Then the State will have to find new resources to build new structures and manage them” ((it))Italian language: ?Molti istituti aumenteranno le rette o chiuderanno. Così lo Stato dovrà trovare nuove risorse per costruire nuove strutture e gestirle.

Also the president of the Lombardy region, Roberto Maroni, has reacted by proposing some regional counter-measures to finance private schools.

The secretary general of CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference), Nunzio Galantino, has called the sentence “dangerous” ((it))Italian language: ?pericolosa and “ideological” ((it))Italian language: ?”ideologica: “We face a dangerous sentence. Who takes the decisions, do it with less ideology. Because I have the clear sensation that with this way of thinking, they wait the praise of some ideologized supporters. Indeed, they don’t understand what kind of good service private schools held” ((it))Italian language: ?Siamo davanti a una sentenza pericolosa. Chi prende decisioni, lo faccia con meno ideologia. Perché ho la netta sensazione che con questo modo di pensare, si aspetti l’applauso di qualche parte ideologizzata. Il fatto è che non ci si sta rendendo conto del servizio che svolgono le scuole pubbliche paritarie.

Italian secularist associations are concerned the Government will modify the law in order to maintain an exception for religious schools. The secularist magazine MicroMega describe the court’s judgement as historic.

The Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (UAAR) has launched a petition which now has more than 11,000 signatures, asking the government to respect and execute the sentence of the Supreme Court. It is also encouraging citizens to ask for application of the law in their local municipalities.

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Iranian International Master Dorsa Derakhshani discusses her chess career with Wikinews

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

In February 2017, the Iranian Chess Federation announced two teenage chess players, Dorsa Derakhshani and her younger brother Borna Derakhshani, were banned from representing the national team. The federation announced their decision although Dorsa Derakhshani had previously decided and informed the chess federation she did not wish to play for Iran.

Dorsa Derakhshani is currently 21 years old and holds the International Master (IM) as well as Woman Grand Master (WGM) titles. Her brother, Borna, plays for the English Federation and holds the FIDE Master title.

Dorsa Derakhshani was banned since she did not wear a hijab, an Islamic headscarf, while competing at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival in January 2017. Under the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran, hijab is a mandatory dress code. Her brother Borna Deraskhsani was banned for playing against Israeli Grand Master (GM) Alexander Huzman at the same tournament. Iran does not recognise the existence of Israel, and previously, Irani athletes have avoided playing against Israeli athletes.

Mehrdad Pahlavanzadeh, the president of the country’s chess federation, explained the decision to ban the players saying, “As a first step, these two will be denied entry to all tournaments taking place in Iran and in the name of Iran, they will no longer be allowed the opportunity to be present on the national team.” ((fa))Farsi language: ?????? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ?? ????? ? ?? ??? ????? ?????? ??????? ????? ??????? ? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??????? ????. He further stated, “Unfortunately, something that should not have happened has happened and our national interest is paramount and we have reported this position to the Ministry of Sports.” ((fa))Farsi language: ????????? ?????? ?? ????? ????????? ?????? ??? ? ????? ??? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ?? ????? ?????.

IM Dorsa Derakhshani, who currently studies at Saint Louis University in the United States and plays for the United States Chess Federation, discussed her chess career, time in Iran and the 2017 controversy, and her life in Saint Louis with a Wikinews correspondent.

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Death toll from Brazil mudslides rises to sixty

Sunday, January 3, 2010

At least sixty people have been confirmed dead after mudslides in southeastern Brazil, mostly on Ilha Grande, caused by torrential rainfall.

Rescue efforts are still continuing in the state of Rio de Janeiro for people feared to be buried under houses, which collapsed due to the deluge of mud and rain. Rescuers used shovels and heavy machinery to dig through the rubble.

Colonel Jerri Andrade, who is supervising the rescuers, commented on the current status of rescue efforts. “The weather is improving, which helps us with the search, but we won’t rest as long as we suspect that there are more bodies underneath the remains.”

More rain is forecast in the days ahead, making additional mudslides a possibility. The authorities have warned that the death toll could increase as more bodies are found. Three days of mourning were declared in the Rio de Janeiro greater area, and celebrations scheduled for January 6 were called off.

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What S Not To Like With A Travel Wheelchair

What s not to like with a Travel Wheelchair


Fred Jackson

Most of us think of wheelchairs as being a form of mobile assistance but with travel wheelchairs it doesn t stop there with mobility comes the pleasure of reassuring comfort and ease unlike any other. These individually created lightweight, compact wheelchairs are the perfect choice when using any form of transport or storing in those small unproductive spaces. They offer the best in size, function and design.

Most of us find great pleasure in traveling however it is important that you are able to move freely regardless of where you are as well as being able to store away conveniently. Thankfully all your needs are catered in such wonderfully designed Wheelchairs. With strong metallic frames you would never assume that they could be light in weight as they are. Remarkably these light weight frames weigh no more then 15 pounds however are capable of carrying a mass of over 200 pounds. From lightweights to those weighing just over 30 pounds the design, strength and weight capacity of the chair does not falter. Many models are so compact that they can be easily folded up and placed into a convenient carry bag. You no longer have to imagine a wheelchair of superior quality packed in a small but clever package.

YouTube Preview Image

The success of these wheelchairs comes through their practical design a vital ingredient. Adapting is an important necessity when it comes to traveling. Restaurant tables are definitely not wheelchair friendly thus swing-back and fold-up arms assist you well in this regard. Seat belts assist in keeping you safely restrained within the wheelchair. There can also be multiple options for footrests and padded seating

The aesthetic design of a wheelchair meant for travel is also generally more appealing than standard-design wheelchairs that have a standard neutral color. These wheelchairs can come in brighter colors meant to be eye-catching and can have a more sleek, streamlined look. With such a radical look compared to the standard chair its not surprising to find that wheel sizes have been reduced, this of course has not taken away from excellent mobility. The design and look of the wheelchair has been given due to the fantastic materials and metals used in its production.

If you d like to travel, then there s no reason that your wheelchair should hold you back. Take advantage of the variety of wheelchairs created with you the user in mind. Nothing more could be asked for, from the lightweight design to the sleek look to the comfort created to suit any situation, it certainly has your best interests in mind. So many places to go, so little time when you have a travel wheelchair.

Get a

quickie wheelchair


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Japan nuclear disaster: areas to remain off-limits for decades

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Japanese officials have admitted for the first time that certain radiation-stricken areas around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant may remain uninhabitable for decades. Japanese media this week reported that embattled Prime Minister Naoto Kan is to visit affected areas within days to tell residents and local officials that it will remain too dangerous to return to parts of Fukushima Prefecture in the foreseeable future.

We cannot deny the possibility that there will be some areas where it will be hard for residents to return to their homes over a long period of time.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said, “We cannot deny the possibility that there will be some areas where it will be hard for residents to return to their homes over a long period of time.”

The dangers of radiation exposure in certain areas are expected to remain unacceptably high well after the plant finally undergoes a cold shutdown in the coming months. A final decision on which areas are to be declared off-limits will be made following detailed radiation monitoring and the creation of a comprehensive decontamination plan. Japanese officials have so far declined to specifically name any areas likely to be affected.

Scientists have for months warned of such an eventuality following the meltdown of three reactors at the Fukushima site in March. The government, criticised for its management of evacuations in the wake of the disaster, had hoped to lift current evacuation orders for most areas around the plant. However, it cannot do so amidst dangerously elevated radiation readings, including in the town of Okuma, situated about three kilometres from the Fukushima site, where cumulative radiation levels are over 25 times higher than government-mandated limits.

Media reports have also focused on uncertainty surrounding compensation for the many thousands of residents affected by the ongoing evacuations. The government may possibly purchase or rent the properties of those who cannot return to their homes and businesses.

Although the plant operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, has recently claimed radiation leaks from all three reactors have declined, concern continues to mount over the true scale of contamination. Scientists have detected widespread contamination of topsoil on agricultural land, further jeopardising the future habitability of significant areas, and uncertainty remains as to the true extent of radioactivity in numerous areas.

“Caesium-137, the main radioactive element thrown out during the various explosions, has a half-life of 30 years, and it is not going to disappear overnight,” said Didier Champion, a French nuclear safety expert.

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Detroit woman dies after child’s 911 calls are neglected

Monday, April 10, 2006The family of a Detroit, Michigan woman plans to file a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city after her six-year-old son’s calls to emergency operators were allegedly dismissed as a prank. The family released the tapes of the emergency calls to the media on Friday.

Sherrill Turner, 46, died on February 20 of complications from an enlarged heart. Her son Robert made two calls to 911 to report the emergency.

“My mom is passed out,” said Robert Turner when he called 911 the first time.

“Where’s Mister Turner at?” asked the operator. Robert replied that his mother was unable to speak.

“Okay, well, I’m going to send the police over to your house to find out what’s going on,” added the operator, before hanging up on the boy. However, the police never came, and an ambulance was never dispatched to the home.

The boy called 911 three hours later, and reports say the operator who answered the call may have been the same operator that answered the first call. The operator asked to speak to the mother before saying “before I send the police over there.” Then she said to the boy, “You shouldn’t be playing on the phone. Now put her on the phone before I send the police over there to knock on the door, and you’re going to be in trouble.”

“It was taking too long,” said Robert.

Delaina Patterson, the boy’s older sister, who lives in Novi, Michigan, said that after 9:00 p.m. help did come, but only the police and no EMS or medical personnel.

The operator, whose name has not been released, remains on the job pending an investigation by city officials.

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Feared toll of Indonesian floods, landslides up to 130; dozens missing as bridge swept away

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Heavy rains in Indonesia yesterday triggered widespread flooding and landslides across the nation. It has emerged that last night a bridge was swept away by the swollen river it stretched across, leaving around 40 to 50 people missing in Madiun, East Java. Meanwhile, the total toll of those known or feared to be dead has reached 130.

According to local police chief Supardi in a telephone conversation with Xinhua the flood waters weakened a foundation, resulting in the collapse. At least twenty motorcyclists, car drivers and passengers are thought to be dead, but as of midnight, no bodies had been recovered. However, three bikes have been retrieved. 100 rescuers have been dispatched to the scene. Continuing heavy rain forced the search to be abandoned temporarily.

Java as a whole is the worst affected island; in addition to the bridge collapse most of the landslides occurred in two Central Java districts. Health ministry official Rustam Pakaya told reporters that at least 28,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes in central Java, although exact figures are not yet available. The Red Cross commented that 45,000 East Javanese people have been similarly displaced. Thousands are seeking shelter in mosques and other public buildings.

Landslides buried houses and made roads impassable, while hundreds police officers, military personnel, local officials and volunteers have been digging with farm tools and even their hands to search for survivors. Heavy machinery is available but the road conditions have prevented it arriving at the areas where it is required. Jakarta has dispatched aid in the form of five tonnes of biscuits and instant meals, ten tonnes of baby food and multiple boats.

Heru Aji Pratomo, head of the disaster management centre in the worst-hit district of Karanganyar has confirmed the recovery of twelve more bodies. This brings the total confirmed death toll in the area to 48. He said that most bodies were recovered from three metre deep mud and required heavy digging machinery to retrieve. 28 remain missing.

Local resident Siswo told AFP “Suddenly I felt my house shaking, and I thought it was an earthquake. When I got outside, I saw that the houses next to mine were already covered by earth,” and that it struck twelve neighbouring houses.

In the next district, Wonogiri, disaster management centre head Sri Mubadi told reporters they had retrieved two more bodies, reaching a total of six, with eleven more missing. He also confirmed that they currently have no access to heavy equipment.

In Tawangmangu about 1,000 rescuers were also searching for bodies and survivors without the aid of heavy machinery. Three more bodies were retrieved today.

Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir toured a Karanganyar village, at which time he commented that he felt the disaster had been caused as a form of divine revenge, saying “This was likely caused by immoral acts going on here,” and “This could be a lesson to be learned.” The 69-year-old served two years after being linked to the 2002 Bali bombings, before having his conviction overturned last year.

Chalid Muhammad, director of Walhi, an Indonesian environmental group, had a different opinion. “For five consecutive years landslides and floods have occurred in Java, claiming many lives. The main trigger is ecological destruction caused by deforestation, forest conversions and chaotic spatial planning,” Chalid told Reuters.

“There have been no adequate efforts by the government to protect the people from disasters. When the landslides happened officials were on holiday and there was no access of heavy equipment to the affected areas.”

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