Top 7 Tips To Starting An Online Business At Home

To start an online business from home and make money needs some research on the various network marketing opportunities out there. You can make money online from home but first you need to get a good company with an easy compensation plan and one that pays better.

Here are 7 tips on how to start an online business at home and make tons of money.

  • Find a well-paying product or referral company
  • Create an amazing landing page
  • Create a client funnel
  • Write Articles
  • Use free advertising
  • Pay for adverts
  • Buy solo ads

1. Find A Well-Paying Product Or Referral Business

One of the very fist things you need to do is find a good and well-paying product or referral business. There are hundreds of Multilevel marketing companies with products like health supplements, beauty products, digital products, software’s among others. Take your time and find a good opportunity which has an easy compensation plan. An easy compensation plan ensures that it pays well as you don’t want to slave for a company that pays peanuts. Register yourself by paying the required membership fee.

2. Create A Landing Page

Create a landing page where you will be sending your prospects to after getting them interested in your opportunity or business. Your landing page needs to be written in the best sales copy that you can get. There are many websites that will guide you on how to write good sales cope to ensure you have high conversions. Your landing page should also assume a funnel type or pitch.

3. Create A Client Funnel

Create a client funnel that has a system that captures thousands of people a day and leads them to your landing page. On your landing page you can install an email or phone capture form which will help you to get subscribers. In any online business, getting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, emails or alerts is crucial. It is known that you always convert a sale on the 5th to 9th contact with the client. That means you will need to have talked to them at least 5 times before they can make a buy. Your funnels should start with the advert, then the landing page and then the email capture form. You can then follow up on your clients after they share their email.

4. Write Articles on Your Offer

You can now start to write articles on your offer to get traffic to your landing page. Make sure that your articles contain a link leading readers to your landing page. You can write articles in form of a review of the business opportunity you are involved in. Make it as honest review where you give both its benefits and shortcomings. You may also need to read more on how to write optimized articles to make sure that your articles actually get traffic by ranking higher on Google search engine. The more articles you write the more people that are going to visit your landing page and buy your membership. The best thing with article writing is that they are free of charge and you only have to post them on online article directories.

5. Use Free Advertising

One of the best free advertising you can use to promote your business are the free classified ads websites. You can search the free classified ads in your country where you can post your business opportunity and get visitors to your website. Free classified ads are fast to write and have immediate response because most of these websites are high ranking on Google.

6. Use Paid Advertising

Another great way to advertise your business is to use paid advertising by use of text ads or image ads on websites like Google. Google advertising will drive a ton of traffic to your website but most of this website tends to be not very targeted. I would advise you to try and try buying advertising on Multilevel marketing websites. This is because the visitors to these websites are mainly people who are looking to join a multilevel marketing company in the first place. So you will be dealing with a warm prospects from the word go.

7. Buy Solo Ads

Solo ads are email advertising that you buy from an owner of an email list. These solo ads deliver an email to subscribers to a list who have already expressed interest in joining a multi-level marketing opportunity. These subscribers don’t mind to receive that email from you and in most cases they are actually looking for the perfect opportunity for them to join up. The best website for solo ads is udimi.

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