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You can take care of the environment and do all the recycling you can no matter if youre at home, at work, at school or outside. Theres literally thousands of things, most of them very simple and trivial, you could do that can really help make a difference. In the following text, youll find a pretty extensive list of things you could do, and thats not even half of everything that can be done. Try doing just a couple of these things and youll be a great part of making our world more eco-friendly and sustainable. If you are a company and you need a professional approach to recycling you can consider

1.Dont throw away old magazines. You can use them to cut out interesting pictures or articles to put in your journal or scrapbook. You can also use the paper from magazines for some fun and quirky origami projects. You can even donate them to doctors or dentists waiting rooms where theyll do more than good than just being in the trash.

2.Avoid aerosol cans. Theyre highly pressurized and dangerous, not to mention harmful to the ozone layer. Use products that come in refillable or reusable glass or metal bottles.

3.Carry your own bags when you go shopping. The plastic bags you get at stores rarely get recycled, so always carry your own cloth or paper bags.

4.Buy products that always get recycled in your community. Plan ahead and think through every shopping trip. Whats the use of buying sustainable, recyclable products when theres no designated recycling facility anywhere near you.

5.Donate old toys, clothes and other usable household items you no longer want. There are good uses for those in homeless shelters or orphanages, and theres no need to throw them away.

6.Make cleaning rags from your old clothes. Theyre washable and better for the environment than regular polyester rags.

7.Stop using disposable diapers. They comprise the majority of trash at landfills and cant be recycled. Use cloth diapers you only need a few of them and they can be washed as many times as necessary.

8.Dont throw food scraps and other organic waste into the trash. Use them for composting your garden.

9.Get to know your trash! Knowing what yard waste is and whats not makes all the difference in recycling. Yard waste doesnt include the following items: leftover food, fruits and vegetables, rocks or concrete, large branches, logs, large pieces of wood, pet waste, yucca plant leaves, palm fronds or other fibrous materials.


10.Recycle your spam mail! Advertising materials you always get in the mail can be recycled with other paper and cardboard products.

11.Spongy plastic items take forever to recycle and decompose. Avoid using plastic or Styrofoam cups and opt for glass or crystal ones. If you receive any similar plastic items, recycle them immediately.

12.Fertilize your garden. Store-bought fertilizers and filled with chemicals and very expensive. You can make your own from organic waste from your kitchen, and reduce all waste you produce by as much as 25%.

13.Always make a shopping list. Only buy the things you need, thatll be consumed before they expire. Perishable foods make more than 50% of all organic waste and take up unnecessary space at landfills.

14.Buy everything in bulk. It eliminates all that unnecessary plastic packaging and saves you a lot of money.

15.Buy household cleaners and detergents that come in a concentrated form. It saves money and reduces the amount of packaging.

16.Use natural sponges and cotton or linen rags instead of paper towels.

17.Pack your lunches in reusable plastic or metal containers. Carry them in cloth or paper bags to eliminate the need for any extra plastic.

18.Use washable cloth strainers for your coffee machine instead of the traditional paper filters.

19.Reuse aluminum pie plates as containers for baking or freezing foods such as fruits and vegetables.

20.Dont throw away ceramic tiles. If they break or you just have them lying around, use them as trivets for hot pots and pans. They dont conduct heat and are more beautiful that regular plastic or cork ones.

21.Buy cosmetics and other personal hygiene products with minimal packaging that can be refilled and reused.

22.Cut old, torn towels and bedding into pieces and use them for cleaning. You can even donate them to animal shelters to be used as padding for dog and cat kennels.

23.Use old toothbrushes as cleaning tools. Theyre great for cleaning otherwise unreachable nooks and crannies.

24.Use old shower curtains to cover the floor and furniture when painting or redecorating the house.

25.Avoid using disposable razors. Instead, opt for those that have refillable cartridge or electric ones.

26.Buy liquid soap, shampoo and other similar items in refillable packaging.

27.Also buy all cleaning products in refillable bottles. It saves time, money, space and the environment.

28.Buy unbleached, organic toilet paper in bulk.

29.Buy organic deodorant. Its almost always refillable and better for your skin than regular ones.

30.Buy pump bottles instead of aerosol cans. The former can be easily recycled, while the latter cant.

31.When writing something, use both sides of the paper.

32.Help create a demand for recycled paper by only using recycled paper for writing and printing.

33.Donate to your local recycling facility or support them in any other way.

34.Recycle old phone books and cardboard boxes.

35.Buy milk in plastic containers or bottles instead of waxed boxes. Waxed boxes are non-recyclable and non-degradable.

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