Business Cards: Pocket Tools That Help Market A Business

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Experienced and first time businesses owners use business cards to promote their products or services. But often, the design of the card is given less attention. Unless you focus in graphic design, the design of this marketing material falls low on your list. There are other more important aspects you need to focus and require your attention more. This is the reason why you neglect your cards and simply settle for low quality design.

The good news is there are free programs and publishing software that makes it easy and fast to produce and print business cards on your own. Keep in mind that a poorly designed card often get tossed in the drawer and left there unnoticed for a long time.

Business card design should be convenient

In essence, your card design must stand out, but it should not be too striking or unique that it annoys your recipients. There is actually a lot of important information that you need to consider when designing your cards. All these decisions will determine whether your card that gets used or stays kept under the box.


If you want to make your cards effective, there are some elements you need to consider such as:

Using a vertical layout instead of the standard horizontal layout.

Creating magnetic cards which your customers can stick in their metal drawer or their refrigerator.

Using nonstandard sizes of cards. You can create a bigger card to make it attention-grabbing, but remember that non standard sized cards do not fit standard card holders, so be sure to your card is interesting enough to encourage your customers to keep your card.

Producing a folding design. This provides additional space to put your information, but they are bulkier so they are less likely to be kept.

It is important that you put every pertinent detail in such a small space. But this requires some creativity to create exceptional design. You need to make good decisions about your logo, colors, and your tag line. It should be able to catch the attention of every casual observer. Not all information though should be present in your card.

Some information must be forgone to make room for the more important details such as the business name and logo. What you put in your cards should be based on how you will use your cards, your target market, and by common sense. Here are guidelines on what details to include:

It is the digital age today so your email address should be included in your business card templates. If you have a web site, your email should be your site s domain.

Limit the phone numbers you put in your card. As much as possible just use only one number. Just choose from your office line, mobile phone, or fax number.

It is still essential to include your physical address on cards, even if your business is entirely working online. This is one way to show the legitimacy of your business so people will trust you and your business fully.

Keep in mind that a well designed card is an important feature of marketing a business. Knowing how to communicate well with your prospects through your cards will make good business for you. So, designed your cards well, use them, and do not let them collect dust in the box.

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